Roots and Rules of De Stijl

Neo-Plasticism:: Absolute Abstraction: Roots and Rules of De Stijl.
Variously colored planes
become an integral part
of the wall pattern flatten
in the shallow space.
Art is ahead of life
to show life the way
towards the realization
of universal harmony.
The Bantu-Ndebele migrated in Natal in 1600 were they met and were defeated by the Boers later by 1837. The Ndebele palette comprises the earth colors: brown, ocher, red and black. Designs are bold, linear, abstract and complex. The Ndebele women emphasize the 3-dimensionality of the wall surface.
Clearly it may be plausible to investigate a ndebele contribution to the iconography of the Dutch style.
Piet Mondrian
prophesied the great utopian dream.
T. van Doesburg
allowed reality to dominate the dream
Vilmos Huszar
wrote"modern painting and the interior"
Cesar Domela
performs reliefs, sculptures and graphics
a small group of painters was formed in Holland. Subject to the influence of painters such as Picasso, Cezanne and van Gogh, this group proceeded toward the destruction of natural form and to the substitution of pure flat imagery as the central principle of painting - Joop Joosten
Mondrian:RedBlueSquare Doesburg:Composition XXI,c.1920 Huszar:FigCompforMechanicTheater,c.1923 Domela:Construction,1929
CompwithRedYellow&Blue,1920 Doesburg:CounterComp V, 1924 Huszar:Hammer&Saw,1919 Lichtenstein:Non-Objective II,1964
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