italian futurism :: boccioni , carra and de chirico

early futurism : : balla, boccioni , carra, russolo and severini
...we should express the infinite smallness that surounds us, the imperceptible, the invisible, the agitation of atoms, the Brownian movements, all exciting hypotheses and all the domains explored by the high-powered microscope. (Marinetti, 1913 Manifesto)

u. boccioni:unique forms of continuity in space - 1913
Umberto Boccioni 's simultaneity and dynamism searchs to capture a sense of time that is implicit in being. Like Bergson's notion of 'duration' as the principle animating the passage through time rather than the particular form at a given instant, his work observes the lifelessness of a form arrested from motion in a single instant, and creates forms that are condensed records of their own becoming... Unique Forms of Continuity in Space of 1913 anticipate the tools and concepts of scientific visualization, especially isosurfaces. (Marcos Novak)

carlo carra: i maestri del colore
African Sculpture led Carra to a search for a rhythmical balance between stasis and movement, a creation of those compact forms characterized by a strong simplicity whose culmination is the Antigrazioso, which marks his break from the widespread tradition of false elegance as well as from the vitalistic-mechanistic schemas of Futurism. This break was the start a process of growth which followed his encounter with Apollinaire and the works of Picasso.
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Part Two: late futurism

De Chirico and Mastroianni's Works


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