The Great Zimbabwe

archetype: the making of man

Imba Huru: form is a true language

 left: the conic tower - right: the site plan

Architecture is one of the cultural elements that demonstrates the unity of the kemet continent, from Shibam to Marrakesh, from Carthage to Capetown . The Great Zimbabwe, the capital city of the Munhu Mutapa Empire exemplifies how these skills of the Nile Valley were diverted all over Africa to the construction of other structures. Imba Huru, the Great Enclosure, is Great Zimbabwe's crowning achievement and Africa's largest masonry structure except for the Pyramids. Indepth study of her architecture is crucial in the making of modern aesthetics in Africa. The level of ABSTRACTION and EXPRESSION is amazing and encodes all the concepts of Universal Architecture.

left: a fledging form: Posselt Ruins - Zimbabwe

by J. Walton, 1953 in the Book "African Village".

right: a complete form: Imba Huru

as in the Fali Compound to read upside down.

top: Great Enclosure Interior   bottom: Great Enclosure Plateform  Designed by P. Garlake

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