Labyrinthian Clarity - Phenom Transparency
an expansion of the dogon twin phenomena.
(clarity - not visibility - softens the edges of time/space and transcends visibility).
1. L'architecture en Afrique Noire by Masudi Fassassi- Francois Maspero- ISBN 2-7071-0870-7
2. Papyrus - Investigation on Phenomenal Transparency in African Architecture.

a yoruba compound:
an hieroglyph to read...

a figure of the Ancestor:
a phenomenal transparency

The stylized yoruba compound is the archetype of the iconography of form in what constitutes conceptually the phenomenal transparency: emblematic figure embedded in the plane. The object is not only a simple image but an archi-writing: a pure creation.
In-depth analysis of this architecture conceived as art reveals that

African art and African architecture are two faces of the same creative process, at the same time emotional and intellectual.
As an undisputable basis of the abstract art, African art has taken part in the 20th century revolution of art as well as in architecture through the perception of the fourth dimension in the magnification of the space.

Le Corbusier:Pseudo-Portrait, 1984
Mask Pende - Central Africa
Head-Hieroglyphic sign of Ronchamp
(Le Corbusier)

Villa SAVOYE - PARIS, 1928 Mask Toma - West Africa

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