Grammatical Decompositions::
Hans Peter Worndl

The Gluckhupf, Beim Gluckhupfberg, Mondsee-Austria

constant state of transformation


Unfolding Lakeside Retreat Hans Peter Worndl
The Pavilion was designed to remain in a constant state of transformation. Its hinged plywood panels invite compositional reinvention, as these elements alternately serve as ramps, doors, hatches, balconies, or window shutters. Worndl and two collaborators built the structure themselves, using off-the-shelf hardware, to create a three-story interior space beneath a smaller room and a roof deck. The owners quickly found myriad uses for the pavilion, making it a place for bird-watching, meditation, boat storage, musical performances, parties, and poetry readings. Due to a legal controversy, however, it was disassembled and placed in storage, where it awaits its next metamorphosis.

under construction




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