Dan Masks :

Towards Absolute Abstraction step by step.

toymu/graphics yala/symbol tonu/concept bummo/primitive
Chokwe Mask African Oldest Numerals: "dye ye taa ye fo taabali da nta dabali la" (the universe is an arithmetic an=a1+(n-1)*d or/and geometric an=a1*r^n-1 sequence where the nth term approaches +/- infinity. Nsibidi Secret Writing
Beauty from Egypt Composite Profiles Male from Kush
"Le signe est antérieur à la chose signifiée. Il est d&3233;pendant de l'esprit volontaire et actif et la chose étant promise à l'existence prend conscience d'elle-même, se comprend elle-même comme en témoigne la présence dans le signe d'une âme intelligente."
(Essai sur la Cosmogonie des Dogon - l'arche du Nommo - les portes de l'étrange - Eric Guerrier.)
"miiri bi taa yoro be; fe be bi ku taasi kono; foyo ti se kuu ku do; foyi ti se kuu lafa; u gudo toko ye ko taasi maasi."
(the power of thought and thinking masters the infimum and the supremum)

the first systems of writing: four different concepts are used to translate signs into graphics: bummo, tonu, yala, toymu.
The graphics constitute a teaching: the abstract sign addresses the person in the know, and the graphics addresses the neophyte.
Thus knowledge of elements comprises not only current knowledge of signs, but also that of elements which constitute them.


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